Stairway to Heaven Appeal

We would like to help the families of the deceased who are unable to financially provide their loved ones with a dignified departure from this world, (funeral)…. by covering the cost of the Funeral Director and Cremation. Whilst we are not in a society that simply disregards those that cannot pay for a funeral, there is great deal of humiliation inflicted upon their whole and extended families by way of means testing. They are expected to ask any living relative if they qualify for benefits, state help or will they be responsible for the funeral costs. Our aim is to help relieve this extremely distressing situation by providing funding towards some or all of the above costs.

Welcome to The National Federation of Funeral Directors

The National Federation of Funeral Directors has undergone some changes and is opening its doors to everybody connected to the funeral industry. In the past we have been at the forefront of a campaign for price control with our innovative ‘Fair Price Charter’ but there is still much to do.  With future legislation and regulation fast approaching it is so important that we are all united in the way we approach our vital business and stand firm for fairness and integrity.

We will not be content until our Charter’s insignia is the nationally recognized symbol for fair dealing and transparency. This will assure the general public that our members will provide the service they require at a difficult time.

We are changing our Charter and now calling it the ‘Fair Deal Charter’. Low price is one thing but it is important that the industry makes a fair profit so that it can continue to provide quality services. The definition of a ‘Fair Deal’ is where both parties are content that they have done the right thing.

The Future Funeral Planning business is now subject to tighter regulation and scrutiny from the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and not before time! However it is important that all associated businesses fall in line as well. To those ends we are going to open our membership to Florists, Will Writers, Planners, Doulas, Celebrants, Memorial Masons and many more. It is time to all be reading from the same script.

NFFD Charter

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Open to Funeral Directors, Florists, Will Writers, Planners, Doulas, Celebrants, Memorial Masons and many more

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