The National Federation of Funeral Directors is a professional, self-regulated, body, committed to increasing consumer choice and cost transparency within the funeral and associated industries. We are also committed to the modernisation, development and on-going commercial welfare of its members.

For centuries funeral directors have been a respected, dedicated, and much-valued, part of every local community. Prior to the internet and the sudden growth of some communities most small businesses – funeral directors in particular – faced little by way of direct or aggressive competition. The NFFD is here to encourage integration with other goods and services that compliment what we can provide to the ever more knowledgeable consumer and safeguard our position.

Frequently, a single firm might have served an entire community. Although the majority of funeral directors were then, as now, fine, upstanding, characters, such a lack of competition meant those who perhaps weren’t so scrupulous didn’t have to worry that over-charging, or under-performing would result in diminishing business. But those days are well and truly over. As every established operator knows, there is currently a huge influx of new funeral directors coming into the industry. They believe, quite rightly, that it is possible to provide the exact same standard of service (or better) that traditional, established, firms do, but at a fraction of the cost. It is these new and innovative operators with their wider range of contacts, products and services that are reaping the benefits.