The National Federation of Funeral Directors Charter and mission is to modernise, develop, enhance, and protect the funeral industry and to provide consumers with a greater, more informed, choice. However the funeral industry must welcome those on its peripherals so that it can provide a service in keeping with the 2020’s.

Whilst there remains a tradition for some families to stay loyal to a particular firm of funeral directors…today’s economic pressures combined with the ease of the internet when ‘shopping around’ means the modern funeral market is much more transient and price-led. The ‘Fair Deal Charter’ principles also focus on quality of service not just the lowest price possible.

Many long-established firms of funeral directors continue to thrive. However as the older generation and its associated buying traditions dwindle, other, more modern methods of securing business will become vital to the on-going survival of funeral directors in this country.

If forward thinking Funeral Directors utilise modern social media, innovative business tools and services, they can continue to serve their existing loyal customers, at the same time as securing significant new business and help safeguard the industry. Integration of the peripheral businesses and adapting to the demands of the modern consumer is The NFFD’s Mission to Funeral Directors today.