The National Federation of Funeral Directors Digital Vault

Will the Executors in your Will know who to contact?

With the NFFD Digital Fault, you can securely keep a register of any policies or account details for any bank accounts, mortgages, insurance policies, investments etc. you may hold. This will take away all the guess work from your Executors when they are dealing with your estate and will help to prevent them from becoming personally liable for any errors made. Using the NFFD Digital Vault, all your executors need to do is get in touch with us and they will be provided with all the parties they need to inform of your passing.

How Secure is your information?

The information you provide us with is stored on a regularly backed-up, encrypted and certified cloud server which is backed by Google. Giving you ultimate peace of mind that, regardless of what happens to any physical documentation you may have, you will always have a copy stored in the Digital Vault.

How do you upload your information?

Once you have decided to use the NFFD Digital Vault, we will send you a link to a password protected webpage so that you can inform us of any policies you hold and any scanned documents if required. We will then send you a summary of the information you have provided us and that has been stored. A link to the Vault page can also be found below, if you have forgotten your password, please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience.

Of course, in the future you will likely take on new policies or accounts and will need to add this information to your vault. This can be done easily and we will provide you with a revised summary of your information.