Just Some of The Benefits from Joining

  • Welcome Pack including annual window decal and marketing material. The window decal should be displayed prominently on the door or window where a retail outlet is occupied. However you will be supplied with PDF logos and marketing where required for letterheads, packaging and product labelling.
  • Access to trusted partner deals and products. We will where possible put you in touch with other members whose products and services we consider may well be of benefit or interest to you.
  • Free will writing for clients, staff & family. As a ‘thank you’ for joining the NFFD we will happily help you ‘oil a few wheels’! We will produce free simple Single and Mirror Wills for your clients, staff or even family. It maybe that they will also require further help with trust funds and LPAs etc. These latter products will generate moderate charges from our trusted partner but also important commissions for you.


  • Access to private area on website. Who knows what the future holds so it is always good to be able to refer to others in the same situation. The private members only area on our website will be a combination of information and resource including a member’s blog.
  • Periodical member votes. We will be encouraging comment and opinion on industry contentious subjects and legislation. Subject to an internal vote from the membership, the federation may take up the matter collectively as a group with the appropriate political and legislative bodies.
  • Members Blog. The members blog will be located in the members area and available for members to introduce themselves and discuss issues and subjects of interest to others.


  • Exhibition Discounts . The NFFD will make representations and contact with associated trade shows and exhibitions with a view to arranging preferential terms for its members to exhibit and gain entry.
  • Twitter and Other Social Media Support. As we are all aware social media in some way or another ‘touches’ everybody privately and/or in business. It is important that we embrace it where possible to secure whatever benefits it may bring to our industry. Our team will be happy to receive questions and give support to our members as much as possible.
  • New Product and Services Information. This can be a ‘two way street’! We will enjoy making our members aware of products and services that we have found for your interest along with receiving information and suggestions from you the members.


  • Funeral Finance. Where funeral plans are not appropriate or not in place at the time of need it may be necessary for the friends and family to seek finance to pay for the arrangements. One of our trusted partner members can help. We will be happy to assist to set up this and other similar agencies for our members.
  • Quarterly and Annual Awards Schemes and Prizes. It is our intention to hold quarterly and annual awards in all sectors of our membership and will be happy to receive nominations as well.