The NFFD Probate Fund

The National Federation of Funeral Directors are obviously

very aware of the costs surrounding the death of a loved

one. They have looked carefully into how those expenses

can be reduced and the maximum inheritance passed on

to the beneficiaries.

The cost of granting probate can be the final ‘kick in the teeth’

for families with Solicitors taking between 2% to 4% of the

estate value. The NFFD Probate Fund works in a similar way

to a funeral plan by fixing the costs today ahead of the time

of need. However it ensures that the work is carried out by

professionals without diminishing the inheritance to loved

ones. This concept brings probate costs in the control of the

living, not some faceless law firm in the future.

– President of the NFFD

In recent years there has been an increase of trust corporations being established that are taking on independent fiduciary roles. Traditionally, trust corporations were created by banks and private client law firms. However, with probate disputes and contentious deputyship cases on the rise, alternative business structures (ABS) are entering the legal market. Private later life and estate planner firms have been reviewing their practices to consider how best to respond to consumer demand for specialist legal advice. The NFFD Fund is one such financial tool.